About RAYSOR Transportation Consulting

RAYSOR Transportation Consulting was established in 2007 on the principles of exceptional quality, outstanding value, and an innovative client service philosophy. We continuously accomplish these measures by providing high quality services in a cost effective manner, and with our personal commitment to client satisfaction.

The firm’s founding principal is fully involved in each and every project from start to finish, and as a result, we are able to uniquely provide our clients with both sensible solutions and sound professional advice with an unparalleled level of quality control.

We are conveniently located in the Tampa Bay region, which allows us to effectively provide professional traffic engineering and transportation planning services throughout all of Florida.

Why RAYSOR Transportation Consulting?



Unlike many other professional service firms, our founding principal is involved in every project, from start to finish, resulting in positive client outcomes that can only be accomplished through knowledge, experience, and relationships with agency staff.



We pride ourselves on providing a superior client service experience, accomplished by setting realistic expectations and then exceeding those expectations.



As a niché provider of professional services, we are capable of delivering on all ranges of schedule to ensure that our clients are best positioned to achieve their goals.



We are uniquely suited to complement the services provided by other civil engineering firms which do not offer “in-house” traffic engineering services, and have teamed with several civil engineering firms as an “extension” of their staff to provide a comprehensive and seamless collection of professional services.